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  • El propósito del site El Cáncer de Próstata en Latinoamérica es solamente informativo. Su objetivo no es prestar servicios médicos ni proporcionar consejos sobre tratamientos a seguir.

    Las informaciones y noticias suministradas en este site no deben ser usadas para diagnosticar o tratar ningún problema de salud o enfermedad.

    El Cáncer de Próstata en Latinoamérica no es substituto para el cuidado o diagnóstico profesional. Si usted sospecha o padece de una enfermedad, consulte por favor a su medico.

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How to Use This Site

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This site contains:

  • A specific set of pages about prostate cancer in every single country in Central and South America, in multiple languages as appropriate
  • Information of a more general nature about prostate cancer and issues relevant to its prevention, diagnosis, and mangement among men living in Latin America

To find information that is most relevant for you, start by clicking on the name of the courty in which you live. This will take you to information that is specific to your nation, and will introduce you to as much information as we currently have available about prostate cancer in that country.

For example, if you live in Belize, click on the words “BELIZE (BELICE)” either near the top of the left-hand column or in the site map.

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