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Prostate Cancer Latin America is being developed as a web site to carry basic information about prostate cancer for the varied groups of people who live in Central and South America.

  • We promise that we are never going to use this site to promote specific products or services.
  • This is a site that is interested in promoting knowledge!
  • We want you to be very clear about our intentions.

Within this section of the site you will find the following information:

To see information that is specific to any particular country, please see the country index in the left-hand column or visit the site map. For each nation we have provided (at a minimum):

  • A basic overview (see for example, Prostate Cancer in Belize: An Overview)
  • A printable file entitled “Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know?” that can be copied and handed out by health care professionals, church groups, and prostate cancer activists and can also be used as the basis for articles or radio/television reports by the media (see for example, Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know in the section on Guyana)
  • A printable file entitled “Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and What Comes Next” that gives very basic information about what you need to know if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • A section that includes all the available information on the risk for and numbers of deaths caused by prostate cancer in that island (see for example Data on Prostate Cancer in Guyana)

We are always interested in discovering additional ways to support the development of knowledge about prostate cancer for patients and professionals in Central and South America. Please click on the Talk Back page to tell us what you think.

Oh, and one last thing … You can help us if you are interested. Just visit the “You Can Help” page and we will tell you how.

Prostate Cancer Latin America is a service of Prostate Cancer International, Inc.

Content on this page last reviewed and updated November 22, 2008
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